About Us

About Us

Ray has been offering great food and high altitude cappuccinos at Panorama Mountain Village for a really, really long time.

It all started when he took over the operation of the Cappuccino Hut in 1994. This tiny hut had been used to store ski racing equipment before being dragged halfway up the mountain to its location on the Skyline run. Ray installed a propane cappuccino machine, a BBQ and a take-out window and he was ready for business! Over 15 years and countless bratwurst later, the tiny Cappuccino Hut is now a Panorama institution.

Eager to reach new heights, Ray was asked to help construct the Summit Hut in 2000. At the time, the summit was only accessible by a decrepit t-bar, but Ray was certain that the Summit Hut would be a success.

(Operating without electricity or running water, Ray would have to be creative with the menu!)

Ray has renovated and expanded the Summit Hut to accommodate more visitors every year, but his delicious food, the legendary après ski, the great atmosphere and the amazing views haven’t changed at all.
Never able to stay still for long, Ray found another hut to re-invent. The Mile One hut was dragged up to it’s new home at the top of the Mile One Life in the fall of 2010. Ray added a kitchen,a covered addition and plenty of windows and a unique menu and was open for business on opening day. The mile one was an instant hit and the après ski is quickly becoming legendary.